Fire Extinguisher 10lb Dry Powder

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Fire Extinguisher 10lb Dry Powder, manufactured and tested to ANSI/UL 711 & ANSI/UL 299. USCG Approved.
Metallic Bracket included.
High quality raw materials
Formulated powder paint electrostatically applied in order to ensure complete cylinder coverage and uniform paint
Steel cylinder epoxy coated to resist corrosion
Ergonomic design of extinguisher handles
One-piece label with easy-to-read pictograms

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Capacity: 10Lb
Extinguishing Agent: ABC 90% Dry Powder
Operating Temperature: (-40°F to 120°F) -0 to +50°C
Working pressure: 195psi
Test Pressure: (585psi) 40 bar
Cylinder Diameter: 140 mm
Approx. gross Weight: (18.40lb) 8,35 kg
Approx. Dimensions: 530x180x150 mm